YWCA NETN and SWVA invites you to submit a nomination for our 33rd annual Tribute to Women.

Each year, Tribute to Women celebrates the professionals, volunteers and social activists who embody the goal of the YWCA to empower women and girls and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. These role models excel in their chosen fields, and their dedication and commitment impact lives across our region. We will be honoring these empowered women empowering others on April 25, 2024 with our Tribute to Women gala at the Bristol Train Station.

To be eligible, nominees must reside or be employed in the YWCA service area (see map below). An organization or business may only nominate one candidate.


Nominating Criteria

Candidates for the YWCA Tribute to Women award must possess the following attributes:

  • The qualities of an effective leader in her field
  • Significant growth and achievement in her area of expertise
  • Evidence of impact and contributions within her organization,business, or the community
  • Employment or contributions made in the YWCA service areas: 8 counties in Northeast Tennessee and 13 counties in Southwest Virginia
  • Candidates may only be nominated in one category. If multiple organizations are jointly nominating, please list below (page 2 on printed form).

Please note: Previous award recipients along with current members of the YWCA Board, Staff, Junior Board, Board Committees or Tribute to Women Steering Committee may not be nominated.

The Nomination Process

1. Complete the nomination form and short-answer questions.
2. Submit the nomination materials by February 15, 2024.

Online Form and Printable Form Below
Email: tribute@ywcatnva.org
Fax: 423.968.5937
Mail: 106 State Street, Bristol TN 376203

3. Celebrate your nominee’s accomplishments! Every nominee receives a certificate of recognition, and award recipients will be honored on April 25, 2024.

Questions? Contact YWCA at 423.968.9444 or email tribute@ywcatnva.org