Our mission: YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

For 75 years, the YWCA has stood alone as the only YW in the territory between Lynchburg, VA and Knoxville, TN. While our roots are firmly planted in Bristol, TN, our work branches to eight counties in northeast Tennessee and 13 counties in southwest Virginia. Our regional initiatives link to the world-wide YWCA mission of eliminating racism and empowering women shared by our sister associations throughout 122 countries around the globe.

Established in 1943, our local association began as a residence for women who came to the area seeking employment during World War II. Growing from a home for the “Rosie the Riveters” of southern Appalachia, we are now a multi-site, multi-million dollar human services and advocacy operation, serving nearly 9,000 annually. From the beginning, we have tackled some of the toughest community issues including the need for affordable childcare, racial injustice, teen pregnancy, and gender disparity and our work continues...

Administrative Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Kathy Waugh
Chief of Staff – Brittany Sullivan
Financial Office Manager – Robert Havlik
Director of Licensed Programs – Mary Anne Gibson
Director of Mission Advancement – Tammy Alls
Business & Human Resources Administrator – Kimberly McFadden

Marketing Administrator – Amie Little
Event Administrator and Executive Assistant – Allison Linder
Development Coordinator – Tina McDaniel

Director of Afterschool – Tonja Leonard

Fitness Trainer – Kateela Serrano
Food Service Coordinator – Deborah Beckman
Office & Facility Manager – Patty Bailey
Administrative Support Associate – Beth Frye

McGlothlin-Street Child Care Center

106 State Street, Bristol, TN 37620

Director - Misty Ramey
Assistant Director - Jessica Tittle


Wellmont Child Development Center

281 Steeles, Bristol, TN 37620

Director - Tracy Barbour
Assistant Director - Teresa Blackwell
Evening Supervisor- Kathy Pendleton

2019 YWCA Board of Directors

Kathy Feagins, President
Kristie Helms, 1st Vice President
Karen Vann, 2nd Vice President
Carol Cross, Past President
Arlene Ambrose, Recording Secretary
Diane Smith, Asst. Recording Secretary
Rebecca Duncan Beck, Treasurer
Holly Rutherford, Asst. Treasurer
Nancy Arnold
Pat Ball
Megan Browning
Tara Chadwell
Jennifer Dixon
Claire Doherty
Jessica Flagg
Virginia Frank
Carshonda Harris
Kristi Haulsee
Shana Jones
Gail Moore
Beth Muncy
Jennifer Padilla
Julie Powers
Meg Rice
Nancy Salyer
Jane Shore
Elise Taylor
Mary Lee Williams
Cheryl Stickley, Jr. Board President

2018 YWCA Jr. Board of Directors

Cheryl Stickley, President
Anna Dowell, Vice President
Rachel Carter, Secretary & Treasurer
Christy Calcagno
Mackie Calhoun
Ashley Cox
Laura Hull
Mary Profitt
Shelsi Webb

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