For over 25 years, we have improved the health and wellness of teen parents and their babies by educating them in all aspects of pregnancy. All of our classes are FREE OF CHARGE and available to teens age 19 or younger who are pregnant for the first time. 

YWCA MOMS R US Vision is to empower teen parents and parent-to-be with education, resources, and encouragement to support their health, academic studies and overall well-being. Being a young parent isn’t easy, but with determination and the right support, we envision a bright future for all teen parents and their families.


• Better the lifetime health of mother and child by providing resources and support against barriers to success such as
socioeconomic status, unhealthy relationships or lack of an adequate support system
• Discourage the use of tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs by providing education, support and referrals needed to
overcome addiction and dependency
• Better the lifetime economic standing and social stability of mother and child through continued education and
completion of secondary education
• Eliminate adverse childhood experiences by equipping teens with the education, material support and community
resources available to assist them in providing a healthy, nurturing environment for themselves and their children
• Prevent unplanned second pregnancies through pregnancy prevention education and referral to community health
providers who can assist with birth control options
• Encourage mental and emotional health by providing teens the resources needed to promote lifelong good mental health


Invaluable information will be shared to help prepare teens for the physical and mental changes they will experience during pregnancy. Topics such as prenatal nutrition and exercise, labor and delivery techniques, medication options, how to recognize the warning signs of various problems, new baby care, breastfeeding, and know when to go to the hospital will be covered among others. 

After completing the class, the teen parents will receive a FREE CAR SEAT. 


After delivering their baby, teens will benefit greatly from continued support and education. This includes classes on infant care, age appropriate play, basic nutrition, child-proofing your home, stress reduction, budgeting, first aid, child abuse prevention, birth control and STD prevention, how to be a parent while living with your parents, and much more. 

Participants will receive a FREE BABY ITEM at every class. The class is open to all pregnant and parenting teens and may bring their babies to class. 


Monthly support groups are offered to address a variety of teens’ needs including job readiness and life skills.

MOMS R US serves 10 high schools, 12 middle schools, partners with 57 agencies/ individual programs serving youth, including health departments, housing authorities, mental health services, departments of children’s/ social services, crisis/ family resources services and 11 OB/GYN offices within the service areas of Bristol TN/VA, Johnson County TN, Sullivan County, TN and Washington County, VA.

For more information, contact us at (423) 968-9444 or
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