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Carrie Upshaw
Carrie Upshaw
Kingsport, TN

To be a part of the Kingsport City community is to be well-acquainted with the loving touch of Carrie Upshaw.  The city is decorated with her compassion, from the hand-sewn color guard flags that shine under the Friday night lights, to the sound of piano on Sunday mornings at First Baptist Church of Kingsport.  Carrie was true to her name, and never hesitated to show up for people, no matter what.  From organizing Vacation Bible Schools to planning trips for her senior adult group at church, Carrie was an advocate for her faith, as well as the faith of others in all stages of life.  If there was something she just could not seem to fix, she would at least make it better with her home-cooked meals and treats.  Her extensive time volunteering in the school system where her children attended led her to an elected position on the Kingsport Board of Education as a member and president.  She tirelessly advocated for students, teachers, and public education, positively impacting thousands of lives every day.

Carrie is survived by her husband, Mike, and her adult children.


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