Tribute to Women

Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson
Bristol, TN

The Kindergarten class at Saint Anne Catholic School would love to recognize Mrs. Anne Johnson as a 2021 Tribute to Women Honoree.  Although this 2020-2021 school year has been anything but normal, Mrs. Johnson always finds a way to make learning FUN!  Through a global pandemic, she has been able to teach the children in new and creative ways.  Kindergarten has been given the opportunity to go to the beach for Beach Day, and explore exciting animals of the Rainforest on Rainforest Day.  They were able to travel to the Wild, Wild, West on Western Day and even transform into lions, tigers, bears, acrobats, and a ringmaster for the annual Kindergarten Circus.  Mrs. Johnson has been known to throw an impromptu dance party to celebrate all children knowing their weekly sight words.  She has even helped them become published authors with their Animals of the World poetry book.  In a time of great uncertainty, Mrs. Johnson has cared for and nurtured our children and tried to make the school year as normal and as best as it can be.  We cannot thank Mrs. Johnson enough for loving our children as much as we do.


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