Tribute to Women

Shaunna Mellons
Shaunna Mellons
Gray, TN

Through the sharing of her time, energy, and personal experience with addiction, Shaunna offers much-needed hope and support to those who often have none. Over the years, she’s guided countless individuals on their path to recovery, a journey that’s often grueling. Many battling substance use disorder are fighting for their very lives, and it takes a special person to walk with them into battle, day in and day out, while sharing so much of herself in the process. Fortunately for her clients, Shaunna is pragmatic, tenacious, and compassionate – the very qualities needed to persist and excel in this work.

If you or someone you know is seeking recovery from substance use and in need of support, help is available.
Sullivan County, TN : Call or text Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition’s SCORT Team – 423-408-8134
Tennessee: Call or text the Tennessee REDLINE – 800-889-9789
Or, call SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 800-662-HELP


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