Tribute to Women

Jennifer Caudy
Jennifer Caudy
Hudson Valley, New York

Jennifer Caudy.  She has no fancy degrees for us to mention here.  No exceptional job titles either.  There are not even any notable awards or certificates for us to call attention to.  There are no buildings named after her, no libraries dedicated in her honor, and no federal holidays to celebrate her historical influence.  But Jennifer Caudy, who through hard work, tenacity, support, consistency, and encouragement, demonstrates to those around her that they can do anything they set their efforts on.  Achieving their potential, their dreams, their goals.  As a very young mother, she took on life’s greatest challenges, and won.  She sacrificed her personal needs, wants, and desires to see her family succeed and prosper.  With two incredibly strong, successful daughters, two granddaughters (one more on the way), two grandpuppydaughters, and a very needy husband, Jennifer dedicates all of her focus and energy on supporting and empowering those around her.  It is rare to find someone willing to do so much work, exert so much energy, and sacrifice so much, knowing full well there will be no personal trophies to place on the mantle.

It is solely because of Jennifer Caudy’s steadfast dedication, loyalty, and sacrifice that those around her are the ones who get the rewards.

So, congratulations to you, Jennifer Caudy, and to all the other women here, for all the awards, all the buildings, all the job titles, all the degrees, and all the credits that may not bear your name, but are a direct result of everything that you do.


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