Speedway Children’s Charities (SCC) and YWCA Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia invite you to step up and make an impact in your community by scaling down the iconic tower to support over 90 non-profit agencies who address the needs of children and families in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.

Funds generated by this event will benefit organizations who feed and clothe local children in need, provide supplies and medical equipment for kids with disabilities, give children in low-income families access to high-quality early education, and more.

Participants who raise at least $1,500  for this important cause will secure their spot to rappel 10 stories down the Bristol Motor Speedway tower.

When? We are working on future dates - please check back

Where? Bristol Motor Speedway

Why? Have a truly one-of-a-kind thrill while benefiting programs that are crucial to YOUR community!

Who? Any community-minded thrill seeker! (Under 18 is ok, with a parent waiver and minimum weight of 100 lbs.)

More Questions? Email YWCA NETN and SWVA at ywca@ywcatnva.org or call 423-968-9444.

Bristol Motor Speedway

Frequently Asked Questions

The essential community programs and mission of the YWCA and the children supported by grants from Speedway Children’s Charities.

To go Over the Edge, individual participants must raise a minimum of $1,500. The majority of fundraising is managed online through our donation portal. Click Here to sign up and create your personal fundraising page on the portal.

Anyone who has met their $1,500 fundraising goal and weighs between 100 and 300 pounds is eligible to participate. For those under the age of 18, a legal guardian must sign a waiver to be eligible. Participants with a wide variety of special needs are able to rappel, and we strive to be as inclusive as possible!

None at all! We will train you and help you to feel comfortable on event day. All you need is the courage to step Over the Edge in support of YWCA NETN and SWVA and Speedway Children's Charities.

Over the Edge requires a registration fee of $75, which will go towards your fundraising minimum. We charge a registration fee since there are a limited number of spots and we are seeking edgers who are committed to supporting this great cause!

During fourteen years of operations, Over the Edge has staged over 900 events with 64,000 participants. Participants include celebrities, political officials, CEOs, moms & dads, youth & elderly and individuals of all ability levels. Over the Edge has done all of this while maintaining an impeccable safety record.  Safety is Over the Edge’s top priority. For more information about Over the Edge USA, please visit www.overtheedgeusa.com.

1. Get a nice selfie ready to upload on to your fundraising page. Show yourself doing something you enjoy that is adventurous, or connected to the mission of the YW and Speedway Children’s Charities. Or just smile!

2. Write out a brief paragraph explaining why you are so excited to be part of this incredible event—the thrill? Conquering a fear? Helping disadvantaged children? What about the mission appeals to you enough that you will spend your time raising money for this event? You’ll copy and paste this into your fundraising page.

3. Have your credit card ready to pay the $75 registration fee (which does count toward your fundraising minimum!)

4. Visit the sign up page and click "Register." When prompted, enter the information you’ve collected above!

Give us a call at 423-968-9444 or email ote@ywcatnva.org if you have any trouble at all!

1. Help spread the word! Like & Share our facebook page and tell friends, family, and co-workers about this opportunity.

2. Volunteer or join a committee. Contact ote@ywvatnva.org for more info!

3. Make a donation to support an edger!

Definitely! When you register, choose "Create your own team."

You’ll receive regular updates and coaching from our enthusiastic Over the Edge steering committee. Share your passion, and be proud of your efforts to secure donations to this worthy cause.